Demostration of a cost-efficient solucion to prevent evaporation losses, ensure water quality and produce renewable energy in agricultural water reservoirs

LIFE H2OLOCK introduces a novel concept for sustainable water management in agricultural water reservoirs with the final goal of preserving scarce water and maintain its quality, while maximizing renewable energy production. The project will demonstrate a cost-effective integrated solution composed of modular floating covers and blankets with integrated photovoltaic flexible solar cells for ensuring sustainable water management in agricultural water reservoirs (AWR).

H2OLOCK is built by a multidisciplinary team of 6 participants from Spain and Portugal with high expertise in every relevant aspect of the water management and the solar renewable energy value chain.
Specially, market leaders (ARADA, ARANA), together with other horizontal disciplines such as system engineering and monitoring (CTC) and sustainability assessment (GFI), and industrial stakeholders and end users (CRL and AVIPE) which will maximise the outcomes and impact of LIFE H2OLOCK results.

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