LOGAM (Low cost GNSS attitude and navigation system with inertial MEMS aiding)


The LOGAM Project pursues the development of an ultra-low cost navigation system, which is mainly based on mass market GNSS receivers and aided by MEMS inertial sensors. The system has been designed to provide accurate 3D attitude , as well as Position and Velocity estimations, with increased availability compared to standalone GPS solutions. To demonstrate the possibilities of this technology, the developed prototype has been tested on a UAV (quadrotor platform), under a wide range of operating conditions. Throughout the project, CTC has been in charge of  the development of the GNSS based attitude determination solution, and the characterization of the navigation sensors, including MEMS inertial sensors and GNSS receivers.

The Project is part of the GSA (GNSS Supervisory Authority) call GALILEO. This call belongs to European Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), aimed among other things to promote the cooperation for the development of technologically sophisticated applications, that take advantage of the potential that the European navigation satellite infrastructures offer, Galileo and EGNOS.