Aerodynamics study of the WINDSPOT 3,5 kW windmill turbine

The purpose of this project was to evaluate the aerodynamic behavior of the wind turbine from WINDSPOT 3,5 kW of the company SONKYO ENERGY. That analysis was made in two main stages:

1. Theoretical study of the blade aerodynamic behavior, taking into account parameters such as:

  • Blade geometry. Aerodynamic profile shape. angle of attack in each section or blade twisting.

  • Blade tip shape.

  • Turbine’s rotational velocity.

2. Turbine performance simulation, using CFD software Ansys-CFX 13.0. The goal of this simulation is:

  • To obtain an accurate forecast of the flux behavior around the blades.

  • To locate exactly the flow separation zones in the blade.

  • To obtain a pressure distribution chart in the blade.

  • To obtain the behavior curves of the turbine according to different rotational velocities: Torque, power, drag and efficiency curves.