GREENPATROL – Galileo Enhanced Solution for Pest Detection and Control in Greenhouse Fields with Autonomous Service Robots

GreenPatrol aims at developing an innovative and efficient robotic solution for Integrated Pest Management in crops, which has the ability to navigate inside greenhouses while performing pest detection and control tasks in an autonomous way. GreenPatrol navigation capability is enable by EGNSS new signals and the implementation of sensor fusion techniques.

Specifically, the following aspects will be developed:
1) Robot precise positioning solution able to operate in the intended challenging environment, providing accurate and detailed pest maps for decision making about precise case-specific treatment,
2) Integration of Galileo better capabilities in light indoor environment,
3) Perception with visual sensing for on-line pest detection, including reasoning mechanisms for efficient action selection and
4) Control strategies for manipulation and motion planning based on pest monitoring system feedback.

CTC’s task will be focused on:
• Data fusion algorithms (inertial sensors, GNSS, odometry, range sensors, vision, etc)
• Online SLAM and reactive localization algorithms
• Adaptive navigation algorithms
• Reactive collision avoidance algorithms
• Map based optimal planning algorithms

The Project is part of the GSA (GNSS Supervisory Authority) call GALILEO. H2020-GALILEO-GSA-2017-1