CTC and CoaST will work together on the design of anti-corrosion coatings for marine applications

The CTC Technology Centre and the CoaST Centre, belonging to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the Hempel Foundation, will join forces in the field of organic coatings and paints for marine applications. CoaST is a highly specialised body in the design and development of coatings and CTC has expertise in coatings for marine applications.

The high degree of compatibility that exists between the expertise of both entities and the synergies that have arisen greatly facilitate this collaboration, which will initially concentrate on the development of techniques for detecting the failure of coatings affected by the marine environment. This is an essential alliance for CTC as it entails working with an institution of great relevance in Europe in the specific field of coatings for offshore structures.

Two representatives of the Danish centre were recently in Santander for the First International Symposium on Marine Corrosion. During these days, the researchers met with CTC’s Industry and Energy team to lay the basis for the collaboration. The meeting also included a visit to the MCTS El Bocal Marine Laboratory.

The meeting held in CTC is not the first one the representatives of both entities have held. The director of CoaST, Kim Dan-Johansen, came to Cantabria last November to learn about CTC’s capabilities and facilities. Also, last March, researchers from the Cantabrian centre visited the centre’s facilities in Denmark, as well as the Hempel Foundation, which is also located on Danish territory.