CTC joins the European Defence Agency to support innovation in military satellite navigation systems

The CTC Technology Centre will put its knowledge and expertise in the areas of Navigation and Guidance at the service of the European Defence Agency (EDA). The only technology centre in the region, incorporated within the group of experts called CapTech Guidance, Navigation and Control (CNG), recently participated in a technical meeting and workshop, held in Athens.

Campo-Cossio durante su intervención en la EDA.

CapTechs are fora for European experts from government defence agencies, industry, research centres and academic institutions. Their mission is to support and promote R&D&I actions in defence systems related to guidance, navigation and control technologies. This contributes to increased operational effectiveness, safety and security in this area.

The incorporation of CTC into this body under the auspices of the EDA positions the Cantabrian centre as an expert entity in Navigation, Guidance and Control. Its participation in the European meetings coordinated by CapTech CNG also allows CTC to increase and consolidate its network of international contacts.

CapTech CNG concentrates its work in the areas of Guidance, Navigation and Control to promote research and innovation of military systems. Areas of interest for this expert forum include navigation, synchronisation and positioning systems for challenging environments that provide globally available functionality including sensor hybridisation and real-time processing; new navigation, steering and control technologies that improve the performance of sensors and actuators to optimise size, weight or power; guidance and control techniques for platforms and weapons; or precision guidance solutions.

The EDA develops its R&D&I activities through a network of expert groups. Experts from the different member countries and the Agency’s staff participate in these activities. These networks of experts, made up of a large group of over 4000 defence specialists, are crucial to the Agency’s work as they ensure that it is consistent with the priorities of nations.

The experts are brought together in specialised groups around specific technology areas related to defence. The aim of each of the twelve existing groups is to propose and generate R&D&I activities to improve the European Union’s capabilities in the field of crisis management and to support the Common Security and Defence Policy.