GreenPatrol Project successfully outperforms in the project Midterm Review Meeting

The European GreenPatrol Project continues to make progress in the development of a robotic solution that optimises integrated pest control in greenhouses autonomously. Analysing and agreeing on the progress of the device’s location systems, optimising autonomous navigation and defining the mobile controller for pest detection were the three main topics addressed during the Midterm Review Meeting held recently in Bilbao.



The CTC Technology Centre, coordinator of this research, held a meeting with the other members of the consortium (the Tekniker Foundation, Inkoa Sistemas SL, the Czech university Mendelova Univerzita V Brne, the English companyNottingham Scientific Ltd and the Dutch company Aerovision Bv) to report on the developments achieved by each member and see first-hand the greenhouse in which the tests are conducted.

The project, scheduled for completion on 30 April 2020, is currently in the integration phase. The complete development also includes a validation phase in which the prototype will be tested in a real environment. The TRL7 or level of maturity of development sufficient to eliminate engineering and manufacturing risk is expected to be reached with this.

The GreenPatrol Project is linked to the H2020 Framework Programme, which has a 2.4-million-euro budget from the GSA (Global Navigation Satellite System Agency) through theH2020 Innovation and Research Programme under Grant Agreement 776324.

Its development will seek to help clear some of the challenges facing agriculture in Europe. Today, the challenge is to produce “more with less”. Projects such as this one related to precision agriculture respond to the need to increase productivity to face the equation posed by population growth and the reduction of spaces dedicated to cultivation.


MRM Bilbao