MARINET2 provides more funds to MCTS El Bocal to facilitate its use by European researchers

The marine laboratory “Marine Corrosion Test Site El Bocal”, managed by the CTC Technology Centre in collaboration with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), continues to be one of the most attractive facilities within the prestigious network of unique infrastructures dedicated to marine renewable energy research, MARINET2. So much so that, during the second General Assembly of this project held recently in Glasgow, it was agreed to provide more funds to the Cantabrian facility to cater for researchers’ demands for use.


MCTS El Bocal

The success of the MCTS El Bocal in the previous calls—the most popular installation in the second call—had depleted the Cantabrian marine laboratory’s funds, making it somewhat complicated to accept new research. However, given the interest shown by the scientists, the MARINET2 managers have decided to increase the budget.

The MCTS El Bocal only accepted one project during the third call of this European network, which brings together the 56 most important singular installations on the continent. The project is called Biocat, and it tests the capacity of microorganisms to give coatings specific properties to repel marine pollution. This initiative belongs to the Departments of Bioscience and Chemistry of the British universities of Manchester and Sheffield Hallam and aims to promote a new generation of antifouling coatings, free of biocides.

In addition, during the General Assembly, an update was made on the milestones achieved since 2018 in the seven work packages included in the project. CTC attended the meetings related to the Normative Packages in Tests, Transnational Access and e-Infrastructures. The meeting is reserved only for leading research organisations in the development of ocean energies. Although there are no companies, it is an excellent forum to explore potential synergies or collaborations with other European centres.

A tour of the All Energy Conference, one of Europe’s largest renewable energy fairs of all kinds, completed CTC’s expedition to Scotland. Even though this event was mainly a showcase for finished products, the CTC Technology Centre’s presence contributed towards reinforcing its corporate reputation.