The University of Leicester seeks avenues of collaboration with CTC

Dr Rob Thornton, Professor of Materials Mechanics and Director of the Engineering Programme at the University of Leicester, visited the facilities of CTC last Friday, where he met with research staff. He showed great interest in creating a collaborative relationship between the British studies centre and the only technology centre in Cantabria. 

Dr Thornton travelled to Santander with doctoral student Rosa Griñón, who made a two-month research stay at CTC last summer from which she conveyed a very positive and rewarding feeling to her academic tutor. During this time, Griñón had access to CTC’s resources, which helped her advance in her research on an experimental level with electrochemical techniques applied to marine corrosion.

Rob Thornton and Álvaro Rodríguez at the marine laboratory MCTS El Bocal

The interest of the University of Leicester in finding ways of working together with the CTC Technology Centre contributes to the positioning of the only Cantabrian technology centre, in this case, in the field of development of advanced materials against corrosion and biofouling. This support not only increases the opportunities to develop CTC’s capacities in this field, but also strengthens its important network of international contacts.


One of the main attractions for Griñón to do her research stay in Santander was the Marine Laboratory MCTS El Bocal. As she explained last summer, “Leicester or The Welding Institute (TWI)”, the two institutions that co-direct her doctorate programme, do not have the unique features of the Marine Laboratory MCTS El Bocal. During the professor’s recent visit, they went to see the functioning of this marine laboratory in the open sea, accompanied by the head of Market and Business Development of CTC, Álvaro Rodríguez.

Griñón and Thornton came to visit the centre’s facilities on their way back from the European Congress on Corrosion Eurocorr 2019 in Seville, where they presented a poster with the results of Griñón’s doctoral thesis on the behaviour of some metallic coatings against corrosion in marine environments. A research that has been developed largely thanks to the unique facilities that CTC made available.