CTC shows off an innovative methodology to determine the durability of metal parts

The CTC Technology Centre presented the advances made in the field of structural integrity during the annual EERA JP Wind conference: a European alliance of organisations from 22 countries, aimed at supporting both European wind energy research and industry. Specifically, Álvaro Rodríguez, head of Market and Business Development at CTC, presented a methodology designed by the Cantabrian technology centre geared towards learning how a crack grows inside metallic components when subjected to the effect of dynamic loads.


Álvaro Rodríguez.

This innovative system helps manufacturers of metal components in several ways: it provides the maximum size of a hypothetical defect with which part may be manufactured and it could be useful to ascertain how this defect might evolve during the useful life of the component.

Although the methodology was developed as part of the Windshaft project, funded under the call for support for cooperative R&D projects in Marine Renewable Energies of Sodercan’s I+C=+C programme, the model can be applied to any metallic component; from the power train of a wind turbine to the steering axles of cars, boats or aeroplanes. This progress makes it possible to predict how the crack might evolve and when a component might fail.

Rodríguez’s participation in two sub-programmes of the EERA JP Wind has allowed CTC to comment on this model before an international forum highly specialised in offshore wind energy. Specifically, the person in charge of Market and Business Development of the Cantabrian centre participated in SP6, dedicated to the Offshore Balance of Plants and Structures, and SP7, aimed explicitly at Structures and Materials.

This year, the organisers decided to invite a remarkable representation of the industry to learn, first-hand, about the developments in which universities and research centres are working. Companies of the size and relevance of Vestas or 2B Energy were represented at the congress.

The EERA JP Wind is an annual event whose main objective is to facilitate the development of wind energy to accelerate the European transition towards a more sustainable energy model. It consists of two full working days in which issues such as the possibility of creating international consortia to implement R&D+I projects, the integration of the wind energy system into the electricity grid or European initiatives for large-scale infrastructures are addressed.

This type of meeting, held in Amsterdam, allows CTC to strengthen its relations with the leading research centres in Europe in the field of offshore wind energy, as well as to present its most innovative capabilities and establish contact with the leading industries in the sector.