GreenPatrol is ready to test in real environments in the first quarter of 2020

The European GreenPatrol will make the leap from laboratories to the real environment during the first quarter of next year. The research led by the CTC Technology Centre to develop a robotic solution that optimises integrated pest control in greenhouses autonomously will be tested in various horticultural facilities to check their performance on site. If the prototype passes the last validation stage, it will reach TRL7 or the developmental maturity level sufficient to cut out engineering and manufacturing risks.


GreenPatrol Meeting

This was confirmed at the last project follow-up meeting held recently in Amersfoort (Netherlands). Representatives of all the members of the consortium (Tekniker Foundation, Inkoa Sistemas SL, the Czech university Mendelova Univerzita V Brne, the English company, Nottingham Scientific Ltd and the Dutch company, Aerovision Bv), as well as the Project Officer and the reviewers of this initiative, attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the latest developments carried out within this project were validated, with the deadline for execution expiring on 30 April 2020. As at today’s date, the Location, Navigation, Inspection, Manipulation, Detection and Decision Support System subsystems are integrated into the prototype. In fact, the final validation tests are now underway out before moving the tests to the greenhouses.

GreenPatrol Project is linked to the H2020 Framework Programme endorsed with a 2.4-million-euro budget from the GSA (Global Navigation Satellite System Agency) through the European H2020 Innovation and Research Programme under Grant Agreement 776324.

Its development aims to clarify one of the major challenges faced by agriculture in Europe: produce more with fewer resources. In this sense, the use of robotic solutions capable of operating efficiently in closed environments such as greenhouses is a gigantic step forward. Robots such as GreenPatrol incorporate sophisticated integrated pest management systems to optimise productivity in the agricultural sector.