The CTC Technology Centre doubles its number of scientific publications

The CTC Technology Centre is an innovation actor specialised in designing and executing industrial technology transfer projects that help increase the competitiveness of the productive fabric. This circumstance is undoubtedly linked to the production of scientific knowledge that supports the approaches and solutions formulated by the Centre’s researchers.

María Campo-Cossío.

The progress and growth experienced by CTC in the last fiscal year are also noticeable in this respect. In 2019, the only technology centre in the region doubled the number of scientific publications compared to the previous year, which entails increasing the visibility of its research in highly specialised areas significantly and reinforcing the role of the Cantabrian Centre as a benchmark actor in the dissemination of knowledge. In that sense, CTC’s spokespersons have made presentations, presented posters and defended papers in events held in Holland, Scotland, Croatia, France or Japan, among others.

The gradual dissemination of the progress achieved in the GreenPatrol project has contributed significantly to expanding this ratio. CTC was selected by the European Global Navigation Satellite System Agency (GSA) to represent the European industry at an international summit in Tokyo. This event, in which María Campo-Cossío, manager of the Navigation and Robotics area, presented a poster about the developments made in this research, was the Centre’s first approach to the demanding Japanese market.

CTC also presented the progress made in structural integrity during the annual EERA JP Wind conference. In this forum, which took place in Amsterdam, Álvaro Rodríguez, CTC’s Business Development Director, gave a presentation in which he explained the progress made in the Windshaft and SAFE projects.

Other European initiatives such as KrEaTive Habitat, MAT4OEC or MARINET2 have also published various papers and posters presented in forums such as Marine Energy Week or the 13th National Congress on Composite Materials.

The complete list of scientific publications produced by CTC during 2019 can be found in the Centre’s Activity Report published on the organisation’s website.