The Cervera Network regards CTC as a centre of excellence in digital twins for the 4.0 industry

The CTC Technology Centre has become part of the Cervera Network of Excellence, an exclusive network of technology centres, promoted by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI). The network aims to position certain technological areas at the forefront of the continent. It is a project created to promote excellence in knowledge, which is a significant boost for the specialisation policy undertaken by the only technology centre in the region in recent months.

The participation of the Cantabrian technology centre in the Miraged Strategic Programme, an initiative that will allow it to become a national and European benchmark in developing knowledge about digital twins for structures and mechanical components, has been the key to joining this platform in which collaborative work is a priority. Cervera aims to constitute a powerful alliance of technology centres based on the value of shared knowledge and network projects. A structure that will enhance the exchange of experiences, the optimisation of resources, the dissemination of results and the promotion of research activities. It will help generate sufficient capacities to address productive challenges not solved by available solutions.

Cervera’s technological centres of excellence also stand out both for the quality of their scientific-technical research and for the strength of their collaboration with the productive fabric. This circumstance, assumed by CTC since its foundation, places them in an optimum position both to strengthen their role as a technological partner and magnify their importance in catalysing business investment in R&D+I.

Strengthening its panel of partners and collaborators and increasing the quality of its innovative projects are not the only direct benefits that the Cervera Network will bring to the CTC Technology Centre. An excellent argument for attracting and retaining talent is having the seal of excellence. Implementing Miraged will allow CTC to increase the number of researchers specialised in developing digital twins.

Miraged will also mean the consolidation of CTC’s line of specialisation in digital twins. Representing numerical models for the prediction of the remaining useful life of structures and components; modelling the most significant degradation mechanisms in component operation (fatigue, fracture, wear, corrosion, etc.); or implementing advanced data analysis techniques applying artificial intelligence will be part of the solutions offered by the Cantabrian innovation centre based on these technologies and fields of application.


27 priority technologies

The current call defines 27 Cervera priority technologies that can be grouped into 10 themes: advanced materials, eco-innovation, energy transition, smart manufacturing, technologies for health, safe and healthy food chain; Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence; advanced mobile networks, intelligent transport and information protection.

Specifically, CTC has received a grant from the Call for Aids CERVERA FOR TECHNOLOGY CENTRES 2019 managed by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), which depends on the Ministry of Science and Innovation, for file number CER-20190001, corresponding to the project entitled “STRATEGIC POSITIONING IN VIRTUAL MODELS AND DIGITAL TWINS FOR AN INDUSTRY 4.0 – MIRAGED”.

The consortium of this project is formed by IKERLAN (coordinator), Ceit, IDEKO and IDONIAL. All of them, with CTC, pursue the common objective of improving the training of the research groups of the technology centres involved in modelling, simulation and prediction systems of the behaviour of machines and manufacturing processes, by developing virtual models and digital twins that allow their design and subsequent optimisation. It is an ambitious objective that should lead to a leap in the international state of the art in this field.