CTC collaborates in the Fusion Future project to drive the new energy era of nuclear fusion

The CTC Technology Centre is working as a collaborating partner in the nationwide project ‘Fusion Future’. It is an initiative that aims to research new materials, processes and technologies that will help in the future construction of nuclear fusion power plants and thus boost the use of fusion energy.

The Fusion Energy Roadmap developed by EUROfusion, a European consortium of 26 countries to promote fusion research, envisages developing a DEMO, a prototype fusion reactor to generate electric power for demonstration purposes.

However, among the technological barriers to the design and construction of fusion reactors is the need to further investigate the radiation behaviour of the materials used in constructing the plants. Therefore, the development of DONES (DEMO-Oriented Neutron Source), a facility capable of producing a high neutron flux and offering the possibility of investigating the behaviour of materials, has been proposed. It will thus be possible to qualify those capable of withstanding intense and prolonged neutron irradiation.

In the context of DONES, the Fusion Future project aims to explore new materials, processes and advanced technologies to help address the critical issues on the road to fusion energy. As part of the initiative, CTC is tasked with performing various numerical modelling tasks on inspection sensors to improve their durability and application in nuclear fusion plants.

The Fusion Future consortium comprises the strategic research centres CIEMAT, TECNALIA, Tekniker and CTC, and seven companies with extensive experience in the energy field: Empresarios Agrupados Internacional (EAI), as project co-ordinator, Leading Metal Mechanic Solutions (LEADING), Valor Añadido Industrial Engineering Solutions (AVS), Innerspec Technologies Europe (INNERSPEC), Sener Rymsa RF (RYMSA), Técnicas Reunidas (TR) and Sener Aeroespacial (SENER). The consortium has recognised expertise in energy, nuclear, big science, diagnostics and control mechanisms and radio frequency.

The ‘Fusion Future’ project has been subsidised by the CDTI – Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) through the call for the 2019 “CDTI Missions” Programme. The initiative is part of the “Secure, Efficient and Clean Energy for the 21st Century” mission of the Science and Innovation Missions programme.