CTC is working on a multi-robot system to automate the collection of information from digital building modelling

The CTC Technology Centre is working on a new initiative that aims to develop a prototype multi-robot system to automate and optimise the collection of building information to create and update digital models. The BIMRobot project aims to develop various robotic platforms to capture point clouds of buildings and automatically integrate them into the BIM system.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative working methodology for creating and managing construction projects. This technology is used to centralise all the project information in a digital model, which contains all the characteristics and elements that make up the actual infrastructure.

However, the use of BIM goes beyond the design phases, encompassing the execution of the project and extending throughout the entire life cycle of the building. This methodology allows the infrastructure and its components to be managed, its status to be regularly updated, and helps to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

The information collection systems for the BIM system these days are manual, which leads to limitations in terms of range, manoeuvrability and autonomy in collecting the information and unifying the scanned scenes. CTC, therefore, plans to develop robotic platforms to capture point clouds of infrastructure and its elements, both indoors and outdoors, and automatically send the information to the BIM system.

GreenPatrol robot developed by CTC

The solution proposed by CTC will allow continuous data collection with a single system, automating the processing of point clouds and sending information between data capture tools. This will help reduce the time and costs associated with feeding information into a digital model and optimise operator safety.

BIMRobot ties in with three critical technology solutions at CTC: digital twins, Artificial Intelligence and robotics. The project aligns with the Housing Rehabilitation and Urban Regeneration Plan within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan channelled by the European NEXT-GEN EU Funds. These three technologies are key to the sustainable and digital retrofitting of public and private buildings.

For the BIMRobot project, the CTC has received a grant co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Cantabria Operational Programme FEDER 2014- 2020 within the INNOVA 2021 line of subsidies.