MooringSense, the European Project led by CTC, spurs interest at the ENERMAR Technical Seminars

MooringSense, the European Project led by the CTC Technology Centre, has caught the attention and interest of the audience attending the 11th Edition ENERMAR Technical Seminars. This event was held at the Niemeyer Centre in Avilés and conveyed the maturity and current situation of the offshore wind market.

Verónica González de Lena, Manager of Industry and Energy, and Álvaro Rodríguez Ruiz, Business Development Manager, represented CTC at the event. Under the title “MooringSense Project: Mooring system integrity management through monitoring, digital twin and control technologies for cost reduction and increased efficiency”, González de Lena presented the MooringSense initiative and highlighted the successful progress so far steering the Project toward the objectives it is expected to reach.

MooringSense aims to reduce offshore windmill maintenance costs by up to 15% by monitoring marine platforms and their status in real time. In this sense, the Technical Seminars provided CTC with the opportunity to showcase the technological solutions that are being developed to accomplish this mission and to place value on the work the project consortium is carrying out.

The ENERMAR Working Group was created in 2009 and belongs to the Association of Naval Architects of Spain (AINE). Since 2010, ENERMAR has held annual technical outreach seminars to highlight the technical and business aspects of renewable marine energy that are the most relevant to the sector.