MooringSense reaffirms the importance of innovation to reduce the costs of floating offshore wind

The European MooringSense project aims to reduce operating and maintenance costs by up to 10-15% and improve the energy yield of floating wind turbines used for offshore wind power generation by 2-3%. The consortium is seeking to achieve these two objectives by developing various innovative strategies and tools

The CTC Technology Centre, leader of this international initiative, has presented the progress of MooringSense’s technological solutions during the “Reducing offshore wind O&M costs through innovative solutions” event, organised by the European WATEREYE. project. The presentation highlighted the importance of promoting and developing innovation in the field of offshore wind energy to make the production of this energy cheaper and more profitable.

Operation and maintenance costs have a large economic impact on offshore wind platforms due to their difficult accessibility and the environmental conditions in which they are located. In this sense, innovative technologies are one of the biggest and best allies in reducing these costs, facilitating access and maintaining control of the installations.

Álvaro Rodríguez, Business Development Director at CTC and representative of MooringSense, evidenced this through the work and progress in this project. Specifically, the consortium is working towards developing several enabling technologies, such as a digital twin of the mooring system, an intelligent motion sensor, structural health monitoring strategies and advanced wind turbine control algorithms and improved irrigation management strategies.

In addition to MooringSense, the European-wide projects ROMEO, FLOTANT, INNTERESTING and the organiser, WATEREYE, have also demonstrated through their initiatives that innovation is more than just an option in offshore wind, but a necessity to reduce its costs and boost its development.
The international conference, held online, was very well received, with more than a hundred people attending.