CTC innovates in high-performance polymeric composite materials for the construction sector based on industrial wastes

The CTC Technology Centre is developing new composite materials based on recycled waste from several industrial fields for the construction sector. CTC seeks to give these innovative materials high performance to serve as a sustainable and insulating alternative and improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

The domestic market for insulating materials for the construction sector continues the growth trend started in 2014 and closed the pre-covid year with a growth of over 7%. However, although highly effective at low cost, these materials are problematic from an environmental and human health point of view.

The RECOMPLOOP project seeks to solve this problem by introducing a sustainable alternative based on a circular economy and reuse model. This is an industrial research project aimed at acquiring knowledge to validate the recyclability of solid industrial waste technically and economically and its use in developing high-performance composite materials for the construction sector.

The development of these new materials aims to improve thermal performance, which optimises the energy efficiency of installations. However, the textile and bio-based wastes on which the CTC will work also have valuable mechanical and acoustic properties that will improve the durability of materials for the habitat sector and people’s quality of life.

To develop this project, CTC plans to conduct a study with samples of the new materials in its laboratory for their characterisation and validation of the results. The objective is to reach a TRL 4 technology maturity level at the end of the project, in which the development and laboratory analysis of the proposed solution will be carried out.

The RECOMPLOOP project is subsidised through the Circular Economy R&D aid line launched by SODERCAN, part of the Cantabria Regional Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Innovation, Transport and Trade. The project is also aligned with the Waste Plan of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria 2017-2023. It covers the management of all types of waste generated in the region or coming from other Autonomous Communities and managed in facilities located in Cantabria.