GreenPatrol and MooringSense attract interest at the 11th European Union Research and Innovation Framework Programme Conference

The CTC Technology Centre has participated in the 11th Conference of the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Specifically, the international projects, MooringSense and GreenPatrol, both coordinated by CTC, were part of the poster exhibition at the conference, an event that showcased a selection of innovative projects developed by Spanish entities within the Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 Framework Programmes.

Laura González, head of the Navigation and Robotics area, with the GreenPatrol poster.

The excellent results achieved by implementing GreenPatrol have generated considerable interest during its presentation at the conference. The project, linked to the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, has developed a robotic solution that optimises autonomous integrated pest control in greenhouses, using Galileo as an enabling technology to optimise localisation and obtain greater accuracy.

The objective and enabling technologies being developed within MooringSense also attracted the audience’s attention. Funded by the Horizon Europe Framework Programme, this initiative aims to reduce the operation and maintenance cost by up to 15 % and improve the energy production of floating wind turbines used for offshore wind power generation by 2 – 3%. The consortium is working to achieve these objectives by developing and applying various technological solutions in monitoring and control, supported by the Digital Twins.

Álvaro Rodríguez, director of Innovation, with the MooringSense poster

The Conference, promoted by CDTI in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the European Commission, was held under “The New Horizon for Europe”. The event aimed to analyse the first year of operation of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme and its major new features.

In this sense, CTC’s participation in the conference has been a valuable opportunity for the centre to raise awareness of the GreenPatrol and MooringSense projects, broaden its knowledge of the research programme and receive advice from its experts to establish relationships with other attendees at the Conference.