CTC initiates the development of I-COR predictive model to quantify corrosion rate in water-cooled systems

The CTC Technology Centre has started to create the predictive model for the I-COR project, a tool capable of quantifying the corrosion rate of carbon steel pipes in industrial plant water cooling systems. An all-round innovative approach, the main objective of which is to optimise productivity, reduce maintenance costs and minimise risks caused by system failures.

To create the predictive model, CTC studied the parameters influencing the origin and progress of corrosion in pipes, such as changes in temperature or pH levels (acidity or alkalinity). The centre is studying and identifying the parameters that primarily affect corrosion in pipelines. With the information, it will generate a database to which algorithms will be applied to develop the predictive corrosion model.

This was announced during the follow-up meeting of the I-COR consortium, held at IDONIAL’s premises. Representatives from CTC, ArcelorMittal e IDIONIAL the three project partners– presented the progress achieved within the initiative. All have highlighted the good progress of the initiative, which has met the objectives set for the first half of the project and the next steps to be taken.

Once the predictive model has been developed, the project proposes the possibility of establishing remote monitoring through sensors. This would contribute to acquiring crucial data about the state of equipment or installation, aiding model evolution and improved corrosion prediction. This would reduce the response time to any incident and significantly reduce the costs associated with this field.

I-COR is an initiative with an execution period of 42 months and a budget of 650,000 euros, financed by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and the State Research Agency as part of the Retos Colaboración 2019 programme. ArcelorMittal, an innovative company, specialising in the production of steel products, is leading this research in which, besides CTC, the Asturian technology centre IDONIAL is also participating.