MooringSense expects promising closure prospects in its final month of implementation

The consortium of the European MooringSense project held the second to last follow-up meeting of the project before its closure at the Amsterdam premises of TNO, a partner in the initiative. The project was on track to achieve the objectives proposed at the initiative’s launch.

In this respect, the European MooringSense project aims to reduce the operating costs of floating wind turbine platforms by up to 10-15% and increase energy efficiency by 2-3%. To achieve this, the partners have developed innovative technologies to improve wind turbines’ operational control and optimise the installations’ maintenance by monitoring their health.

All these enabling technologies have been validated in the lab and real environments, and the consortium is working on integrating them to generate a strategy for monitoring and managing the integrity of mooring systems.

Project partners meeting

To this end, the representatives of each project partner discussed the results achieved within each of their work packages, the last tasks to be carried out before reaching the end of the project, and the possible unforeseen events to be considered before the initiative is closed.

During this meeting, the project partners also held an intensive workshop on Work Package 7. This was to assess the achievement of the specified project objectives, a session in which they shared the level at which these objectives were being achieved and how to push forward those that have not yet been completed during the last month of work.

Representatives of the project partners attended the follow-up meeting –the CTC Technology Centre, the project leader, TNO, Ikerlan, Sintef Ocean, Zunibal, Saitec, Bridon Bekaert Wire Rope Industry, Vicinay Marine Innovation and Intecsea– and the Project Officer, the expert in charge of evaluating the progress of the project, was also invited to participate.