CTC participates as a technology partner in the H2OLOCK project that will reduce evaporation of water from agricultural reservoirs by up to 90%

The CTC Technology Centre will be the technology partner of the H2OLOCK project, an initiative that aims to develop an innovative system to reduce the evaporation of water from agricultural reservoirs by up to 90%.

H2OLOCK project aims to validate a novel concept for sustainable water management in agricultural water reservoirs with the final goal of preserving fresh water maintaining its quality (e.g by preventing algae growth) while producing renewable energy in agricultural water reservoirs (AWR).

The solution designed will consist of a combination of modular floating covers with floating self-ballast blankets. The implementation of the solution is expected to reduce water evaporation in AWR up to 80-85%.

Moreover, the photovoltaic flexible solar cells will be implemented on top of the blankets for renewable energy generation. It will contribute to achieving energetically energy self-sufficient agricultural irrigation exploitations with the energy generated by the PV cells integrated on the AWR covers.


The consortium of H2OLOCK is coordinated by the engineering Arada Ingenieria. One of the partners of the consortium is Arana Water Management, an innovative SME which owns the patent of the modular floating solutions. The demo sites will be provided by two irrigation associations, which will be partners in the consortium and first adopters of the technology: one in Spain, Community Irrigation Lorca and another in Portugal, the Association of Wine Growers of the Municipality of Palmela. Moreover, the consortium is complemented with CTC and the SME, Global Factor International Consulting.

LIFE H2OLOCK project kicked off the 13th of September in the municipality of Lorca (Murcia), hosted by Community Irrigation Lorca, partner in the consortium.