MIRAGED achieves successful preliminary results a few months before the formal project closure

The MIRAGED Strategic Programme launched very promising preliminary results a few months before the final closure of the project. The consortium has pre-assessed the results of the entire programme, which yielded data that exceeds those offered by the  Spanish Federation of Technology Centres in 2022.

The FEDIT report highlighted that the MIRAGED consortium centres had leveraged 10 % more than the expected capital in projects contracted with companies based on developing and adapting digital twin technologies. This report included data up to the middle of 2022. However, the consortium’s new assessment, which provides for all the months up to the closure of the project, reveal that the figure exceeds the preliminary results offered by FEDIT. 

Project closure meeting

This was announced during the project’s closing meeting. The MIRAGED consortium –made up of the technology centres CTC, Ikerlan, CEIT, Idonial e IDEKO – assessed the fulfilment of the milestones and objectives set and the effect of the Strategic Programme on the activity of all the centres.

For CTC, MIRAGED has been a key lever to position itself as a centre of excellence in developing and transferring knowledge on digital twins in the industrial field, distinguished by the Cervera Network of Excellence. Since joining the network, the centre has increased the money raised from competitive funding projects linked to advanced simulation initiatives and artificial intelligence-based methodologies applied to developing digital twins by 15%.

Representatives of the MIRAGED consortium

One of the most recent examples is the project tendered by the European Space Agency (ESA), an initiative in which CTC combines artificial intelligence and advanced simulation techniques to reduce the time spent on evaluating cells used in the aerospace field. The TWINCAN project, through which the centre developed a digital twin that monitors and displays the behaviour of pressure tanks used in the industrial field is also worthy of note.

The MIRAGED consortium is currently finalising the assessment of all the results of the Strategic Programme and the scope of the research and initiatives carried out within the project. The technology centres are also valuing the continuity of this collaborative work model, which all of them have categorised as a valuable lever for the growth and specialisation of the partners in key lines of research for the industry.