Strategic Positioning of Intelligent and Sustainable Specialization for the Factories of the Future in Cantabria (FUTCAN)

FUTCAN aims to research and validate new methodologies and technologies to enhance efficiency and sustainability in industrial manufacturing, with the goal of improving efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of industrial manufacturing in Cantabria.

To achieve this overarching objective and, based on a review of the state of the art and leveraging the experience and network of industrial and technological stakeholders, the most impactful topics related to the overall goal have been defined. These topics will serve as the pillars supporting the project: new, easy-to-apply intelligent sensors able to of digitalize information about the condition of components and structures (Self-sensing), new technologies for automated data analysis (AutoML algorithms), and frameworks to expedite the design, development, and manufacturing of new products (virtual prototyping through digital twins).

For the execution of FUTCAN, CTC has received co-financed support from the European Regional Development Fund through the 2021-2027 FEDER Operational Program of Cantabria through the grant program “Ayudas a proyectos de investigación con alto potencial industrial de agentes tecnológicos de excelencia para la competitividad industrial TCNIC.”