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CTC is developing a digital twin to control the degradation of industrial electrical machines

The CTC Technology Centre is currently developing a digital twin of an industrial electrical machine. The initiative aims to predict the degradation of the electric motor and anticipate possible damage and errors that may be caused during the asset’s lifetime. Electrical machines are becoming increasingly complex and technical, so keeping them running at peak performance […]

CTC innovates in more environmentally friendly anti-corrosive paints

The CTC Technology Centre has launched the GREENPAINT project, which aims to develop more respectful and environmentally friendly paints for corrosion protection. It is an innovative solution that the centre will perform with nanomaterials and water-based resins to offer a sustainable improvement of anti-corrosion coatings used for metal substrates. Eco-friendly paints are generally used to […]

CTC will develop floating solar platforms to boost photovoltaic power production

The CTC Technology Centre has embarked on a new initiative to promote photovoltaic solar energy at sea using innovative technologies and materials. Through the PVFLOAT project, the only technology centre in Cantabria is committed to creating floating solar platforms to increase the production of this renewable and pollution-free energy. In this regard, CTC is working […]

The MooringSense project attracts the attention of the floating wind subcommittee of the World Forum Offshore Wind

MooringSense, the European project led by the CTC Technology Centre, has attracted the attention of the Floating Offshore Wind Mooring Subcommittee, a body focused on floating offshore wind that makes up the international association World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO). The MooringSense consortium presented the project and its objectives in detail to the WFO subcommittee in […]

Rosa Griñón, researcher at the Technological Centre CTC, receives her doctorate degree from the University of Leicester, a leading research centre

The Technological Centre CTC has one more Ph.D. among its research staff, a milestone that further increases the centre’s specialisation in marine corrosion. Rosa Griñón, Project Manager in the area of Industry and Energy at the Technological Centre CTC, submitted her doctoral thesis “A Mechanistic Approach to Predict Long Term Performance of Coatings” and it […]

CTC and IEO seek to maintain their collaboration to continue driving innovation in the marine field

The director of the Santander Oceanographic Centre of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), Luis Valdés, visited the facilities of the CTC Technology Centre in the Science and Technology Park of Cantabria (PCTCAN), where he was received by Beatriz Sancristóbal, General Manager of the centre, and Álvaro Rodríguez, director of Business Development. This was the […]

MooringSense project arouses interest at the OMAE international congress

MooringSense, the European research project led by the CTC Technology Centre, has attracted particular interest during the 40th edition of the International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering (OMAE), the most eminent technical-scientific congress worldwide on Offshore technology for Oil&Gas and marine renewable energies. Over 1,000 attendees from 40 countries participate annually in the […]

MooringSense successfully advances the development of technologies to improve predictive maintenance of mooring systems

The European MooringSense project is successfully advancing in developing technologies that will enable designing an efficient strategy for managing the structural integrity of mooring systems. The international research, which aims to reduce the costs associated with floating offshore wind energy production by 10-15%, has reached its halfway point, and it has passed all the milestones […]

Cantabrian innovation validated to optimise the useful life of the anchoring systems of floating offshore platforms

The PREDICARG project has reached the end of its implementation successfully, and the consortium member organisations are happy with the outcome. The initiative has adapted well to development contingencies and the impact of the pandemic. This system will provide secure and uninterrupted information needed to calculate the remaining service life of anchoring systems for floating […]