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CTC develops a methodology for real-time status monitoring of offshore marine structures

The CTC Technology Centre has developed an innovative methodology to monitor in real-time the condition of offshore structures installed in aggressive marine environments. This is the MANTEMAR project’s way of optimising the maintenance of metal structures and components. The novel methodology developed by CTC is based on electrochemical techniques. These analysis techniques are applied to […]

CTC innovates in developing organic coatings with high water repellency and durability

The CTC Technology Centre is working on a research project to develop organic coatings with high water repellency and durability based on nanotechnology. Superhydrophobic surfaces have arisen great interest to the scientific and industrial community in recent years. These solutions have a wide range of applications, such as self-cleaning –the repellency of the droplet on […]

CTC is working on innovative software that will make machine vision systems more accessible to company staff

The CTC Technology Centre is currently developing a software tool that will make machine vision systems implemented in companies simpler and more accessible so staff can update and obtain information from the system autonomously and smoothly. Machine vision systems can be complex to use and update for non-innovation-savvy staff in companies. Depending on the objectives […]

GreenPatrol and MooringSense attract interest at the 11th European Union Research and Innovation Framework Programme Conference

The CTC Technology Centre has participated in the 11th Conference of the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Specifically, the international projects, MooringSense and GreenPatrol, both coordinated by CTC, were part of the poster exhibition at the conference, an event that showcased a selection of innovative projects developed by Spanish entities within the […]

The Advisory Board of MooringSense reaffirms the relevance of the technologies of the project to drive floating offshore wind power

The main objectives of the European MooringSense project are to reduce operating and maintenance costs by up to 10-15% and improve the energy yield of floating wind turbines used for offshore wind power generation by 2-3%. To achieve this, the consortium, led by the CTC Technology Centre, is developing a series of novel enabling technologies, […]

CTC is working on an innovative methodology that will shorten the lifetime assessment time of batteries for space applications

The CTC Technology Centre is developing a new methodology to assess the performance and lifetime of the cells that make up lithium-ion batteries used in aerospace applications. The primary objective of this research is to reduce the testing times from two years to less than five months. The project is being tendered by the European […]

MooringSense project makes successful progress in meeting technical objectives

The European MooringSense project, led by the CTC Technology Centre, is successfully advancing in executing the technical objectives set by the consortium during the second half of its development. This was clarified at the follow-up meeting held recently via videoconference. The partners in the initiative, TNO, Ikerlan and Sintef Ocean, Zunibal, Saitec, Brindon Bekaert Wire […]

The CTC Technology Centre is committed to the technological development of floating solar energy

One of the CTC Technology Centre’s primary research areas is the development of new technologies and innovative solutions to boost alternative energy sources. CTC already has extensive experience in marine energy and has launched its commitment to developing floating solar energy R&D+I projects. Verónica González de Lena, head of CTC’s Industry and Energy area, explained […]

CTC innovates in high-performance polymeric composite materials for the construction sector based on industrial wastes

The CTC Technology Centre is developing new composite materials based on recycled waste from several industrial fields for the construction sector. CTC seeks to give these innovative materials high performance to serve as a sustainable and insulating alternative and improve the energy efficiency of buildings. The domestic market for insulating materials for the construction sector […]