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Strategic Positioning of Intelligent and Sustainable Specialization for the Factories of the Future in Cantabria (FUTCAN) FUTCAN aims to research and validate new methodologies and technologies to enhance efficiency and sustainability in industrial manufacturing, with the goal of improving efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of industrial manufacturing in Cantabria. To achieve this overarching objective […]

CTC creates a virtual model of electric vehicle batteries to predict their ageing in real-time

The CTC Technology Centre is creating a virtual model of the lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles to develop a predictive system to assess how electrical charges and discharges affect the health of these components and to anticipate malfunctions. The BAT-VIA initiative is funded within the call for R&D projects in the automotive 2022 sector, […]

MCTS El Bocal increases its capacity for early detection of marine corrosion

The SEACOREL project proposes developing a sensor network combined with a marine laboratory environmental monitoring system This innovative initiative has been funded within the call for R&D projects in the ICT 2022 sector, promoted by SODERCAN The CTC Technology Centre is working on developing and deploying a sensor network in the MCTS “El Bocal” marine […]

The CTC Technology Centre strengthens its capacity for management and leadership of European projects

A thorough understanding of the possibilities offered by European funding programmes is essential for making high-value proposals and maximising the potential of grants. The participation of the CTC Technology Centre in the Manager Specialisation Programme of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology [Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial(CDTI)] has exponentially increased its capacity […]


Artificial Intelligence-Based Electric Vehicle Battery State Prediction System This project aims to develop a virtual model for estimating the state of electric vehicle batteries and predicting potential failures using artificial intelligence (AI). The subsequent validation of this model will be conducted through thermal simulations on a battery model. This project is funded by the call […]


Marine Corrosion Sensor Based on Electrochemistry The overall objective of SEACOREL is to investigate a new corrosion sensor methodology based on electrochemical techniques that is robust and user-friendly. This sensor is intended for use in corrosion monitoring systems for marine metal structures. The technology will be assessed and validated at the Marine Laboratory “MCTS El […]


Solutions for New Electric Mobility Needs Based on Sustainability and Connectivity Technology Centre CTC is participating in the project “Development of a New Advanced Connectivity Process for Electric Vehicles,” funded under the Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (PERTE VEC) by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism. CTC is focused on the development of a project […]

MIRAGED achieves successful preliminary results a few months before the formal project closure

The MIRAGED Strategic Programme launched very promising preliminary results a few months before the final closure of the project. The consortium has pre-assessed the results of the entire programme, which yielded data that exceeds those offered by the  Spanish Federation of Technology Centres in 2022. The FEDIT report highlighted that the MIRAGED consortium centres had […]

CTC to develop innovative space radiation shielding materials for microelectronic devices

The CTC Technology Centre is developing innovative composite materials to increase protection against space radiation. These materials are intended to preserve microelectronic devices used in the space domain. This work is the core of the SRPROTEC (Space Radiation in Microelectronics through the development of Advanced Composite Materials) project. ALTER Technology, a leading provider of micro […]


Radiation Shielding Techniques in Microelectronics through Advanced Composite Material Development The aim of this project is to develop and validate new composite materials with radiation shielding performance to safeguard microelectronics used in space applications. This is a collaborative project between ALTER Technology TUV NORD and the Technology Centre CTC. It has been funded by Ministerio […]