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MooringSense successfully defines the architecture of its digital twin

The European MooringSense project, which aims to reduce the costs associated with floating offshore wind energy production by 10-15%, has taken a step forward in defining a more efficient management strategy for mooring systems. Thirteen months of work after, the consortium of this research led by the CTC Technology Centre concluded the definition of the […]

CTC innovates in the control of corrosion in industrial plant cooling system pipes

The CTC Technology Centre is developing algorithms and methodologies for a predictive model capable of quantifying the corrosion rate of carbon steel pipes in the water-cooling systems of industrial plants. This is an innovative approach, the main objective of which is to optimise productivity, reduce maintenance costs and minimise risks caused by plant failures. This […]

The second follow-up meeting of the Miraged project notes the evolution of the capacities of CTC in developing industrial digital twins

The CTC Technology Centre continues to consolidate its position as a centre of excellence in the development and transfer of knowledge on digital twins in the industrial field. In the second follow-up meeting of the Miraged project, the team of researchers from the only technology centre in Cantabria explained their progress both in the identification […]

CTC can provide industrial solutions for precise location and navigation in indoor environments with the GreenPatrol project

The successful implementation of the GreenPatrol project has enabled the CTC Technology Centre to offer innovative technological solutions related to autonomous terrestrial robotics. The precise location and navigation system features in greenhouses developed in this European research allow the results obtained to be extrapolated to other applications in other sectors: the control of critical infrastructures […]

CTC Technology Centre is working on an innovative system to optimise the performance of artificial vision solutions

CTC Technology Centre is working on developing an intelligent system for the performance of artificial or computer vision solutions to be optimised once installed. Innovation is based on the development and improvement of algorithms that will increase the performance of these applications thanks to constant learning based on the analysis of an infinite flow of […]

The GreenPatrol project achieves all its technical objectives

GreenPatrol faces its final stretch with the satisfaction of having achieved all the technical objectives set at the beginning of this European project. The development of a precise positioning solution based on GNSS for semi-indoor environments, the system for early detection of pests affecting crops, the technology implemented to facilitate autonomous navigation of this device […]

The Cervera Network regards CTC as a centre of excellence in digital twins for the 4.0 industry

The CTC Technology Centre has become part of the Cervera Network of Excellence, an exclusive network of technology centres, promoted by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI). The network aims to position certain technological areas at the forefront of the continent. It is a project created to promote excellence in knowledge, which […]

The MCTS El Bocal opens its new corrosion test area with a study by the University of Leicester and the TWI research centre

The CTC Technology Centre has increased the testing capabilities of its Marine Corrosion Test Site MCTS El Bocal. A new study area has been set up to allow researchers to test the evolution of the samples under real atmospheric conditions. A study on coatings with the capacity to detect corrosion, promoted by the University of […]

CTC is working on an innovative digital twin to monitor the behaviour of pressure tanks used in the industrial field

The CTC Technology Centre is developing a digital twin for a pressure vessel that simulates the behaviour of a typical industrial process. This development will enable observing the physical effects caused by changes in temperature and pressure in the vessel; a critical factor for sectors that operate with hazardous substances and which is difficult to […]